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Boiler Descaling Chemical

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 250 Kilogram
Boilers are tend to formation of Scales due to dissolved salts, even after using soft water, Scales are hard deposits which stick very firmly to the inner surface of the boiler. Scales are bad conductor of heat which results in excess of fuel consumption. A descaling product in liquid form to remove carbonate, oxide deposits and non-silica deposits. It contains a neutralizer, accelerator and corrosion inhibitor in its formulation. It is extensively used in MS/SS systems

Handling Safety Storage


GESTREAT boiler Descaling chemicals can cause irritation on contact with skin or eyes hence proper care should be taken like wearing gloves and goggles while handling this product. For further details please refer product M.S.D.S. GESTREAT can be stored in any store rooms with proper ventilation

Dosage using method

GESTREAT product dosages depend upon the boiler water system details, operating conditions and the feed water quality. Our experts will give guidelines for the dosing methods of the product and its related monitoring procedures when they implement the treatment programme.


Form : Liquid ; Color : Light Amber

Solubility in water: Complete

Specific Gravity : 1.15

Flash Point : None



GESTREAT is supplied in 40/60 kgs non-returnable carboys. Generally company will take a week's time for the despatch of the material on receipt of firm order, from the customer.


For further details contact GES CHEMICAL’S Marketing Department
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